Michael Kovich


A classmate and I decided to learn Socket.io and build a full-stack application that our school could put to use. We took this from an idea to reality in under ten hours.

We developed our idea as a solution for students who feel uncomfortable asking questions in front of their peers. With Anon-QQ, a student can ask a question and remain anonymous to their peers. Messages are not anonymized for instructors and mentors, however, allowing them to track student engagement and carry out any necessary follow-up with students.

Instructors can create rooms, distribute mentor and classroom codes, delete messages, and close their room once the session has come to an end. The application is suitable for use institution-wide as messages are room-specific and there is no limit to the number of rooms that can be open simultaneously.


Live Site | For this project, we challenged ourselves to learn a new technology and implement it in a practical way within roughly ten working hours. Understanding that students sometimes feel hesitant to raise questions in front of their peers, Anon-QQ was developed. Within the application, students are free to submit questions with anonymity amongst peers, though instructors can see their names to track engagement. Instructors are able to create unique, isolated rooms for their particular classes.